8 Ways to Broaden your Child’s Vocabulary

Words used in GeniusKIDDY boards can be familiar or unfamiliar to your child. Usually, children remember a word quickly if it is in their vocabulary. As they gain more vocabulary, they will be able to remember faster than before. Therefore, it is important to broaden the vocabulary of your child.

The addition of vocabulary to children should be done anytime, anywhere. There are many ways to increase a child’s vocabulary, below are some examples:

1. Talking with your child about everything they see and hear. As children have the ability to absorb very quickly, parents can talk and explain everything to them. When you talk with your child, remember to use clear words and long sentences day by day. Use the sentences with enough elements like verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and conjunctions.

2. Talk to your child about what you are doing; for example, "I'm cooking," "Mom is having a bath," "Dad is cleaning the house" and "Grandpa is washing dishes."

3. Be patient in answering all of your child's questions. Remember that everything is new to them, and they may ask the same question repeatedly. If you feel uncomfortable with your child's questioning, think about how happy you were when you heard your child's first sound. Maybe sometimes they annoy you but be generous not to yell at them, because gradually it can become a reason to make them less talkative. Always try to give an answer to each of your child's questions. If you can't answer immediately or don't know the answer, promise them to give an answer later. Then don't forget to find a proper answer. Never discourage them by saying you don't know.

4. Let your child listen to songs and teach them sing can also be a good way to boost their vocabulary.

5. Read suitable books, stories, and poetry every day. Especially books about animals. Children's stories posted on https://GeniusKIDDY.com can be a good reference. Through reading, your child collects more knowledge, and also it helps them with enhancing vocabulary.

6. Try to tell stories about the things around your child, including values about personality forming and good virtue. For example, a story of the child's teddy bear toy or a story of her/his grandpa's pet cat.

7. Talk to your child about people around you like your friends, relatives, and colleagues. You can talk about these peoples' careers, characteristics, habits, etc.

8. Have your child communicate with other people around them like friend babies, brothers, sisters, grandparents and other relatives.

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